Sunday, July 7, 2013

Doom 3 single player project - more preliminary screenshots

Here's some more screenshots of my Doom 3 single player map that I am working on.  I am contemplating making an entire 'mission' of maybe four maps, but time constraints given, I can only see how I go.  Please ignore the crappy lighting and misaligned textures as this is of course, work in progress.

Feedback is always appreciated.  And if you work for id Software, please tell me how these look and how I can improve them lol.


  1. David. These look awesome. I really am looking forward to playing it. Do you know if these levels will work on the BFG Edition?

    Keep in touch,

    1. It's possible to get them working, but it's tricky, the BFG edition has limited and buggy mod support, and I wish id would hurry up and release it asap, as these would play well with BFG's additional features and gameplay modifications.

  2. Looking good! I didn't think there were any active Doom 3 mappers left :)

    Doom 3 BFG is pretty good I must say. All it takes is to dig into it to get it to be moddable ;)